These days, you have to work a lot harder to get work. You have to know your brand.

As an accountant, a real estate attorney or an intellectual property consultant, people used to have a pretty good idea of what services you provide. Years ago, your professional contacts knew of your career accomplishments and you knew of theirs.

The LinkedIn-Facebook-Twitter Age has brought with it a logarithmic increase in technologies for connecting and an over-abundance of useful and useless messages. It’s more difficult than ever to cut through the promotional clutter and there are many more players in the marketplace.

In the Personal Brand Positioning Consultation, a focused, onsite, interactive two-hour session, we will:

  • Define your brand;
  • Create a brand-positioning statement (the so-called “elevator speech”);
  • Help you prepare several short one-paragraph case studies describing your recent accomplishments, suitable for including on LinkedIn;
  • Develop a list of target industries or clients; and
  • Explore possible communications tactics, including social media and traditional marketing.