Music for the Jewish High Holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur

Shana Tovah

This is just a small selection of the many pieces written for the High Holidays. The arrangements on this page come from various diverse sources. These tunes are familiar to members of Beth Hillel Congregation Bnai Emunah, Wilmette, Ill., where they are sung by the synagogue choir.


These files are four-part choir arrangements in standard MIDI format. Instead of hearing the heavenly voices of a choir, however, you will hear the musical instrument sounds stored on your computer. Depending on the arrangement, these may be simulated vocal sounds, or the sounds of a piano or brass quartet.

To listen to a selection, click on the link. From there, you may be presented with the option to "open the file from its current location" or "save the file to disk." 

If you just want to hear the file, open it from its current location. To save it for replay later, select the option to save the file to disk.

Due to the limitations of the MIDI file format, lyrics are not included with these songs. 

(Page numbers refer to The New Machzor, the Prayer Book Press, Media Judaica, 1978.)

Comments about these files should be directed to Jonathan Lehrer.

Barchu (Call to worship)
Machzor p. 18
Arranged by S. P. Kirsh

Downloaded from

Ahavat Olam (G-d's love expressed through Torah.)
Machzor p. 20
M. Rosenblum

Uv-Tzeyl K'nafeha (verison 1)
Uv-Tzeyl K'nafeha (verison 2)
Machzor p. 30
Louis Lewandowski

Se-u Sh'arim ("Lift up your heads, O gates" - Psalm 24)
Machzor p. 256
Samuel Naumbourg

Are-shet S'fateynu ("May the prayers of our lips be pleasing to You, O exalted G-d, who hears our Shofar sounds."
Machzor p. 310
Traditional Hassidic melody, arranged by C. Heller

Halleluyah ("Praise G-d in His Sanctuary." - Psalm 150)
Machzor p. 322
Louis Lewandowski

Ha-yom T'amtzeynu ("On this day, give us strength.")
Machzor p. 336
Max Helfman

Chassidic Kaddish (Kaddish Shalem)
Machzor p. 338
Max Janowski

Yaaleh ("May our prayers be accepted.")
Machzor p. 446
Samuel Naumbourg

Adoshem, Adoshem (The Thirteen Attributes)
Machzor p. 454

S'lach Lanu Avinu ("Forgive us our Father, for we have sinned."
Machzor p. 454

Adon Olam
Shalom Secunda
Downloaded from

Several tunes downloaded from






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Zocharti Lach

Enosh (Psalm 103)

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